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The Online Business Manager and Web Designer for Heart Centered and Value Led Ethical clients that are committed to putting people, planet and profit first.
Based in Orange NSW and working with clients across Austalia. We provide comprehensive Operation and Strategy Business & Web Design services so you can focus on impactful change.

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Do you want to feel confident and supported in you business?

Do you want to feel pride when you send a new client to your website?

Are you a purpose led entrepreneur who would like holistic expert support and guidance so you & your business can have maximum impact?

At Blossom Virtual Services Jessica provides  tailored and practical support to entreprenuers and small businesses who are working in a holistic and ethical way towards people and the planet or, businesses who would like to transition to a lighter impact on the planet.

Her passion is working with sustainable and ethically minded businesses so you know you will have someone by your (digital) side who not only has your back but also has the same Values and passion for the planet as you do. Jessica meets you where you are and provides a judgement free, open minded service.

You can learn more about Jessica here

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One Day Intensive Business Support


Do you have a list of things you'd like to get done? And you'd love to get them done fast?! Perhaps you are not ready to bring someone in on an ongoing basis but would love some help around a specific task/s?

What ever it is, I would love to help.

I specialise in getting stuff done. Book me in for a day or 1/2 a day and feel the sense of relief and freedom knowing those tasks have been taken care of.

Ideas for your Thrive intensive -

  • A Website Refresh

  • Get S**t Done!

  • Pick My Brain - Brainstorming and Business Planning​​


1/2 Day (3 hours) $320

Full Day (6 Hours) $580

Intensives include access to me for the duration of the intensive, a 1 hour planning meeting and a 1/2 hour follow up after the day.

Online Business Manager VIP ongoing business support

Web Design & Development


Are you overwhelmed by all the things on your to do list, you know what needs to get done but feel like you need to clone yourself?!


Would you like to feel the relief of knowing that someone else will be taking care of the details and anticipating your needs while you feel empowered to do what you value or freedom to explore new ideas ?


Would you like someone who will keep you accountable, that you can bounce ideas off, will take the initiative & get the stuff done.


Your website can make or break a potential client relationship. I build high impact websites that are simple, beautiful, well designed. That are optimised for your customer experience as well as your business (SEO!)

I also design them fast. After our initial call, we will set a time line but (example) a service based business could expect that once all the website content (copy, images, branding) has been provided that you will have you new website within two weeks.

Tasks you can outsource:

  • Business Communications - Prepare, edit, format, management of customer contact.

  • Start up Support    

  • Event Management

  • Strategy and Processes

  • Project Management

  • Research - new ideas, services, software

  • Liaising with service providers

  • Life Admin

Services Available:

  • Full Website design and build

  • Website Audits

  • Website Refresh & Optimization

  • Web Maintenance

  • All Platforms (Including- Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify). 



Are you looking for assistance with something that isn’t listed here? No problem! Book in for a call or send me an email and we can work through what is required.

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Contact Jessica

To book your free discovery call please click here.

For general inquiries, please use the form on this page or email directly.

Please head here if you wish to read our privacy policy.

Blossom Virtual Services is based in Orange NSW

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"Jess is literally a lifesaver! I didn't even know I needed a virtual assistant until I got one. She saves me so much time at work, I now have time to get back into the studio and create art! She does everything I ask in a timely fashion and checks in regularly to see if there's anything else I need."

Madeline Young, Director of The Cornerstore Gallery

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