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Web Design Services

Do you need a new website that truly represents you as a business and provides your customers with a professional and seamless customer experience?

Or have you attempted a DIY website but feel stuck or not happy with where its at?


Jessica offers a modern and sustainable approach to Web Design. Whether you need a New Website for your business or just want a pro to check it's functionality- Jessica can help!

Why sustainable websites? An online presence is an essential part of any modern business, not matter it's size. But, everything we do on the web has a carbon footprint and this can sometimes feel like we are compromising our values as a Sustainable and Ethical business.

The good news is... A lower footprint website is achievable for most businesses. A well designed, SEO optimised and efficient website will prioritize the needs of both the business and the customer while reducing its overall footprint. For existing websites, often a few small tweaks can significantly reduce your footprint, conversions and usability.

Whether you are in need of a new website, or not sure where to start with your current site, Jessica would love to help!


If you're feeling stuck when it comes to your website, perhaps it takes a while to load, there are broken links (you think!) or your not sure if it is helping or hindering your customer experience, a website audit can help!

Blossom's comprehensive Website Audit will look at the overall performance, design & branding, SEO, content and check its all 'working'. I will also assess what changes can be made to improve the carbon footprint of your website.

Outcomes and recommendations will be given to you as a report with an accompanying video or video call.

Cost $150.

If you decide to work with Blossom on a Refresh or New Website, the cost of the Audit will be deducted.

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Feel like your website needs an update but don't want to start from scratch?

Perhaps your branding has changed or your website could do with some tweaking to the design to enhance your customer experience?

from $400


If you're starting a new business or have decided your website needs a complete re-do, get in touch!

Blossom Websites are built to showcase your brand in a way that is simple, designed well (both aesthetically and functionally), are SEO optimized and

Jessica prefers to build on Wordpress as it offers full customization in design and there aresustainable hosting options. However, she is also happy to discuss other platforms and has experience with Wix, Squarespace and Shopify.

From $1500

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